About Us


The purpose of the Huntsville/Madison County Hospitality Association is to unite representatives of the hospitality and tourism industry, including Lodging, Restaurant, Tourism & Travel and Allied Industries for the promotion and protection of their common interests.


The Huntsville/Madison County Hospitality Association is a membership organization and shall be a non-profit, non-stock Alabama Corporation.


The objectives of the Huntsville/Madison County Hospitality Association shall be to represent the common interests of its members with particular attention to the following:

  1. Fostering cooperative action in advancing by all lawful means the common purposes of its members.
  2. Providing through publications, meetings and seminars information and education for its membership regarding:
  • Laws, governmental regulations, legislation and other matters affecting them.
  • Improvements in services and products offered to the public, increased operating efficiencies and effective marketing methods.
  • selecting and training employees and maintaining good employee ralations
  1. Encouraging lawful and ethical conduct and trade practices.
  2. Maintaining cooperative relations with allied industries and organizations.
  3. Providing services for member establishments that are properly within the scope of a representative trade association such as communications, research and information. 
  4. Participate in trade shows, exhibitions and other events to promote the Hospitality Industry.