STS Marketing College Scholarship

Each year, the Huntsville / Madison County Hospitality Association awards several local students scholarships to assist them on their educational journey.

Our goal is to encourage students to see the reward and potential available in a career in the Hospitality Field while supporting all areas of study.  Our Association is comprised of a variety of professionals - from different backgrounds and degrees - who have made successful careers in Hospitality and it is our desire to bring attention to those employees who help make Huntsville, Alabama the "Gem of the South" through their hard work in our hotels, restaurants, attractions, and suppliers.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. For general scholarships, Students must be employed by a current member of the Huntsville-Madison County Hospitality Association OR are a dependent of an employee of a member company (for general scholarships only).
  2. Students must be in favorable standings in the current job role - Students must be employed for (6) months prior to application - if currently employed with a member.
  3.  Requested information is submitted prior to the deadline for review.
  4. For STS Marketing College Scholarships, Applicants must be currently employed with an active HMCHA member to qualify for this scholarship.